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JEC / JDC Austria

JEC / JDC Austria

  • AT, Wien

03. Jun 2013 30

JEC Ungarn lädt ein zu einer Ausfahrt

Die ungarischen Freunde des JEC- Austria haben folgende Einladung zu einer Neusiedler See Tour gesendet, bei Interesse bitte einfach melden.

Dear Christian,

As I mentioned during your visit in Komárom, on the weekend of 14-16th June we are going to take a tour in the Neusiedler See region. The number of participants will be cca 20, it is more like an excursion with Jag friends, and anyone from your Club is warmly welcome anytime during the weekend.

The program:

14th Friday afternoon
Arrival to Schlosshotel Szidonia in Röjtökmuzsaj
(15000 Forint/person/night, refer to Jaguar Club when booking, rooms are still reserved for late-comers. Dining and entrance fees will cost some money as well.)
Dinner around 19:00

15th Saturday
9:00 (after breakfast) departure to take a view on the lake at Fertörákos port.

10:00 Visit at the Quarry (stone mine) still in Frertörákos

12:00 Picnic lunch at Paneuropean Picnic memorial site at the border, near Fertörákos

13:00 Touring around the lake

16:00 Arrival to Esterházy Castle Fertöd, guided tour at 16:45

19:00 Dinner and wine-tasting at the hotel, with the President of Sopron wine society.

16th Sunday

cca 10:00 (after breakfast)
Visit at the iron curtain memorial place near Zsira.

cca 11:00
leave for home, via a few nearby interesting villages, castles, churches
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